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? for WW II Navy Guys.

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  • ? for WW II Navy Guys.

    Hello All.

    I've got a question.

    My father was in the Navy in WW II on the USS Comfort and came home with a rifle with a bayonet(ms) attached. Well, me being a kid and loving knives, I played with the bayonet all the time.

    Unfortunately, I lost the bayonet several, several years ago, only to be found in recent years. I have talked to Rick-in-Seattle about replacing the handle and refurbashing the bayonet, but don't know what type of wood the handle was made of. Can any of you help me?

    I would really appreciate your help!

    I think it is the standard issued bolt action rifle issued for the South Pacific experience. However, I was told that he got it at the Imperial Palace in Toyokeo, Japan at the end of WW II.

    Once again, I would really appreciate any information regarding the rifle or the USS Comfort or the Navy at the Imperial Palace, during that time period.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: ? for WW II Navy Guys.

    Hi Cut Fingers.

    Has been a long time since I have seen any of these rifles , and I mean a long time. Many are still in the states , but they were brought in before registration requirements were placed upon firearms. Many have been handed down from father to son, grandson and have not be open for public sell. Because of this many are still untraceable today.

    This site might give you some information as to the gun and the place of orgin. Not sure if it goes into detail about the wood.

    Hope this helps.



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      Re: ? for WW II Navy Guys.

      Although I am not a ww2 vet , I did collect ww2 militaria items. The history of the japanese rifle after the japanese had surrendererd was that the imperial seal was to be growned off. This was part of the deal at that time. Anyone that has a rifle that does have that Imperial seal has a very sought after item. I believe they were 7.5mm or 7.6mm. I know that doesn't answer your question , but just a bit of history. Here are some bayonets on ebay


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        Re: ? for WW II Navy Guys.

        I have seen the bayonets and just based on long lost memory, I would think it was for the USS Comfort, the only thing I remember about it was that it was a hospital ship...............other than that..."Anchors Away"! lol
        "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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          Re: ? for WW II Navy Guys.

          You can find these type of rifles at any gun show or gun shop. I have see them for sale often at "Dunhams" even the 1942 model 98 Mauser or even the Mauser's that where sold to Spain,Morroco,Swizterland etc. If any of you ever get interested in these rifles types you can check on .