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Snowmobiler Avalanche Death

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  • Snowmobiler Avalanche Death

    Well, they've recovered the first body for this season. No word if the wolves found him first. 6' of fresh snow, 36" in one night in the Torpy River range. Story goes that they went straight across a wide open slope and that normally sets off an avalanche with the track cut. Not more than 100 miles North of me.
    Profile of victims: 20-40 yrs old, male, $75,000 - $100,000 invested in truck, trailer and sled. Maybe a shovel and probes, rarely an Avalung or a Peeps beeper/beacon which works ("Oh, I don't need fresh batteries.") Flat-lander.

    Learn snow anatomy and how to interpret conditions. Equip yourself: it's cool.
    Learn how to ride your sled.

    This is so sad as I know a bunch of the "first-responders" in Search & Rescue, they're depressed for days afterwards, especially if the wolves and Ravens got there first.

    On a brighter note, there are now 3 sleds in the valley (with nitrous boost) which have dyno'ed at 400+ horsepower. Hill-climb specialists.
    Brian T

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    Re: Snowmobiler Avalanche Death

    How sad. You have to respect the wilderness, particularly avalanches. I have been caught in two in my younger more foolish years. Luckily I'm here to talk about it. I took a class, bought the equipment and have never had to use it. Most avalanche deaths are due to stupidity. If the conditions are sketchy, I stay home or on the flats well away from the runout path. I'm an earn your turns guy and I begrudgingly share the back country with snowmobilers.


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      Mr. Ramsey,
      I looked at your webpage and all I saw were one amazing carving after another. The signs you do are beautiful.
      You have a great talent, keep up the good work.


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        Re: Snowmobiler Avalanche Death

        Thank you, telecarver, for your objective summary. Doesn't stupidity trump everything?
        I regret to admit that I knew the deceased. A black day.
        It;s too late in the day for me to be objective but I fail to understand how and why a fewextra things can't bring you home safe at the end of the day.
        OK so you spent $90,000.00 on the truck, trailer and sled., you got $800.00 to keep your butt out of a coffin?
        Brian T