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    I really like the teachers corner feature in the magazine.
    However it never seems to be constent in new issues.
    Some have it most don't.
    Is there a reason for the feature not being in some issues?
    Its really helpful to me and i hope,other beginers to have a handy reference to look at when you are stuck on something.
    Please continue or begin including it in your new issues.

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    Re: Teachers Corner

    Hi Larry,
    What sorts of things would you like to see covered in the Teacher's Corner. While we're not actually labeling them "teacher's corner" as much anymore, we're trying to include those same sorts of articles in the magazine.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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      Re: Teachers Corner

      Hello Bob,
      Thanks for responding.
      I think the teachers corner was better than the descriptions given in other articles because the author of these tips is able to go more into detail on a particular sublect and also the photos are much more telling than in the other projects.
      By that I mean there is better photos of the actual tool being used and the direction of cuts.
      Hope this all makes sense.
      I really liked the articles on carving eyes, painting eyes, carving a nose.
      Maby something along the lines of hair and beards, eye glasses, pipes, hats and etc.
      A demonstration or photos of carving hair with a v-tool. Do you start at the top of head or the bottom.
      Most project articles never mention these kind of tips they just say carve the hair etc.
      Hope this helps, could be I'm asking for the moon.
      One reason I really like this feature is that I am like alot of others in that I really can't afford to keep buying books and I live in an area were there are no other carvers and the only club is almost an hours drive one way.
      Any help you and your staff can offer is deeply appreciated.