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    Hey there,
    I have a couple of suggestions for a couple of articles I'd like to see.
    The first is one by the judges of these carving contests. I'd really like to know what they look for and why? What makes one carving stand out over another? Perhaps some tips on how to do better in competitions. I know that I have disagreed with some of the choices they have made, but to be fair, we should hear their side of things.
    The next article is what defines a carver at a particular level. In competitions there are often catagories based on experience. If a carver has been working for years but not competing, is he a novice, intermediate or advanced? How does one advance in these things? What are the formal definitions?


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    Re: suggestion for some articles

    Hi Dan,
    Those are both things we've considered in the past. Unfortunately, there's not really a standard to go by; even when we talk to the judges. I've sat in on the judges critique they offer every year at the International Carver's Congress, which was informative (and if you ever have a chance, I suggest you sit in on it), but that critique is specific to the rules of the Congress.

    The difficult time I have with the article (aside from the fact it's something I'm interested in as well) is that there are no set rules from competition to competition. When I've talked to judges before, they say they've tried to judge based on the criterial laid out in the rules. Those rules are different between the Ward World Championship and a smaller carving show. At the Ward's, they have ornithologists on call (on the judging floor), and judges walk around with calipers and even micrometers. I can't say I've seen that at other shows...

    The categories are also set by the shows...and there is no standard. I'd love it if an organization stepped up and tried to make some of the rules more standard, but...I'm not even sure who that should be.

    Anyway...long story short...they're both ideas we're working on, but we need to work out how to present them.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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      Re: suggestion for some articles

      That is a challenge. How about writing the article as a survey of the various carving contests? This might motivate more people to enter. Start with yours and provide information on what your judges look for. Then do a paragraph or so about each of the other major competitions. Include when they are held, how to enter etc. The folks at CCA might herlp.
      Still like to figure out that whole level thing but it's not that important.

      Good luck,


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        Re: suggestion for some articles

        Interesting topic. I have been a judge for an Ice carving competition for the last 4 years.There are 4 of us.We judge the participants on a number of criteria.Such as First impression, technical skill and difficulty,creativity, and others. We give each participant a number score , up to 10 points.The higher the better.We add them all up and the highest out of 100 points wins.As to the moving up from one category to another I do not have much personal experience as I have only patisipated in only one carving competition.I entered as an intermediate carver because that is how I saw myself.The judges, when they saw my antler carving put me in the expert category and gave me 3rd place


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          Re: suggestion for some articles

          Isn't all that competition and awards stuff what they cover in Chip Chats? That's the reason I took out a subscription to Woodcarving Illustrated!