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  • Art Lovers - I Need Help

    Okay all you knowledgeable art lovers, I need help.

    My sister has a Barbara Gallagher original oil painting on canvas and it is framed. The painting is 5 feet X 7 feet and done in turquoises and pastel colors. It is 3 women in garden. It has hung in their office for several years. They are downsizing and cannot fit the painting into their new location. So here is where I need some help. They want to sell the painting and would like to know an approximate value. Any and all help would be appreciated.

    I can post a picture later.

    If you don't want to post info here you can PM me.


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    Re: Art Lovers - I Need Help

    Hi Terry:
    I'm not familar with Barbara Gallager's work, but I did do a quick search and came up with this site Barbara Gallagher Acrylic Beach Scene w/ 2 Females | Antique Helper. Would this be the same Barbara Gallager...I like her work.
    You very well could have a valuable painting.


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      Re: Art Lovers - I Need Help

      Hi Terry, I wonder if you could contact an auction house to find out the value? Maybe even that one that is on TV somewhere back in your area.
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        Re: Art Lovers - I Need Help

        I, also, did a search of Barbara's works and it seems they go for around $750-$1500 for her smaller pieces but could not find any of her larger pieces. This is just an estimated value based on auctions. You have to subscribe to most of these auction houses to receive an estimate. Doe's it have a title? Sometimes there is information on the back of the painting.



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          Re: Art Lovers - I Need Help

          i followed the link in your signature and liked the figures - i collect figures from all over the world.
          these ones are original look like ancient