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Heart Stent & Carving

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  • Heart Stent & Carving

    Im having a stent , my first, put in friday. Im wondering if any of you folks have had one, and how long did you have to take off carving?

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    Re: Heart Stent & Carving

    Sorry Steve, can't help with your question. Hope all goes well and I wish you a speedy recovery!



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      Re: Heart Stent & Carving

      Hi Steve,
      I'm not a Doc and I don't play one on TV but I've had open heart surgery, a couple of stents, a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted plus colon surgery. The longest I was away from doing any physical work was after the colon surgery, 6 weeks. As far as stents, as soon as your groin is healed you'll be ready to go. Just follow the Docs orders you'll be back to carving before you know it. If you need to ask any questions, PM and I'll be happy to try and answer. Good Luck on Friday!


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        Re: Heart Stent & Carving

        Steve, Most of my friends that have had a stent or two put in. weren't even off work more than a few days. Hope the same applies for you.

        Tom H


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          Re: Heart Stent & Carving

          thanks yall, Im thinking it wont be much worse than the cath they did.


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            Re: Heart Stent & Carving

            I went in for a stent, and had a quad bypass instead 3 days later. I think I was off carving for a month while my sternum grew back together.

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              Re: Heart Stent & Carving

              Had a single stent "installed" ten years ago. They kept me in the hospital overnight. Then I went back to all previous activities. No complications since.


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                Re: Heart Stent & Carving

                I had one put in five years ago. Had the heart attach on monday night. Was back at work on thursday. The biggest issue was getting the cut to stop bleeding. The nurse had to keep both hands on it for two hours in the middle of the night until it stopped. If it happens to you, Well lets just hope you do not have a good looking nurse.....


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                  Re: Heart Stent & Carving

                  I had five (5) stents put in and 6 angioplaties; that was 9 or 10 years ago and I'm still around.
                  I was in the process of having a heart attack; they stabilized me until morning and then did the first one; it prevented the heart attack.
                  Over the course of 12 months or so I had the rest; nothing since then.
                  MOST IMPORTANT! NEVER MISS TAKING YOUR DAILY DOSE OF PLAVIX; that's what prevents any more stents.
                  I was already retired when I had mine put in; but I would say that I would have been able to return to work on the 2nd day if I had to. If I didnt have to get right back to work, I would reccomend taking 3 days off.

                  This is a pretty safe proceedure; probably more so now than it was 10 years ago.

                  Watch your diet, exercise, and take your Plavix every day and you should do fine. Keep us posted.


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                    Re: Heart Stent & Carving

                    I forgot to answer your question; you should be able to carve again the next day. I was always too sleepy from the drugs to fool with anything sharp the day the proceedure was done.
                    Just protect the area where they entered your femoral artery and take it easy moving around.


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                      Re: Heart Stent & Carving

                      thanks all of yall. you have put me at ease. I was thinking I would be only able to read for a few days,, I like reading but I like carving more. Besises just got a big box of Heineke wood LOL good stuff