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Carvers folding Bench Issue 54 vs 58

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  • Carvers folding Bench Issue 54 vs 58

    I don't know why you would publish another folding bench, almost identical as the one in the Spring 2011 Issue 54. I would think there were a lot of other topics or articles that could have been printed instead.

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    Re: Carvers folding Bench Issue 54 vs 58

    Thanks for your feedback, Deborah. The overall shape is similar, but there are substantial differences in the way the benches are constructed. We received a lot of good feedback about the first bench, and decided to offer a variation.

    We have a matrix of the types of articles we include in every issue and through the year; that article fell into the tool and shop: workspaces category. What other sorts of articles would you like to see that we can fit into that category?

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor