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  • Info on Ceramcoat Paint

    There is a small craft store in Roanoke Va that I try to go in every time I visit my son.

    I went in there today, searching for some paints that are hard to find & maybe discontinued. Found a couple of bottles, still not able to find Dark Burnt Umber. While checking out I was talking to the owner (I think) and she told me that Ceramcoat had been bought out by Krylon and that Krylon was messing with the mixtures on almost all of the older colors in the line. That the new colors (with the same name) will definitely not match the old bottles that we may have in possession now.

    I thought that was interesting enough to pass along. Maybe that is why Michael's dropped them. The lady I spoke with told me that her supplier told her that quite a few of the places they supply were dropping the brand because of what they were doing with the colors.

    I wouldn't start painting unless I had enough to complete the project, if you go buy the same color odds are it won't match.

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    Re: Info on Ceramcoat Paint

    I wonder cause I paint the top of the cap with colors, and one did look major off.....I though maybe I remixed it myself and forgot. Note most paint companies do color will not look same as a few years ago, you need to keep watchful eye, one company I was yelling about noted that it is well known that you can not line an old mix with a new one, that it was impossible because of the fillers and pigments varies. This is why I paint the color on the lid, I can see what it looks like dry.
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      Re: Info on Ceramcoat Paint

      Sounds like another case for......"if it ain't broke, don fix it!!!!"