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  • intarsia

    ok, this isnt a scroll saw forum I agree, but Im sure people here know about this. I like the scroll saw and like the idea of intarsia designs. Looking at that as another form of carving. I have a question however. You cut out designs that fit together like a puzzle. And people use different woods for different effects. Doesnt that create a lot of scrap? I mean your cutting out one piece, and then using that piece to provide a model of the same shape in another wood. so then you throw the original piece away? I like the finished project but seems quite wasteful. DO I have this right? I looked on you tube for instructions on how to do it but there doesnt seem to be much.

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    Re: intarsia

    Visit there sister site

    Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board

    Another great site.


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      Re: intarsia

      assume you use 2 different types of wood in a design, when you are done cutting you have the piece you planned and the reverse or negative image. Save the scraps, you can always cut some other little piece out of them.
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        Re: intarsia

        I don't understand why you would have a piece that you throw away?
        I cut a lot of intarsia. You can take your pattern, say a simple one of 10 pieces or segments. One way to do it is to make copies of your pattern, and cut those 10 pieces apart. Glue the 10 pattern pieces to the wood that you are going to use. Then cut the 10 sections out. Fit them together, sand (carve) the edges, glue together.

        After carving for a bit now, I think there is more waste in the chips I throw away than when I do intarsia.

        There's a lot of information on the sister site (link above) - come join us there too!
        Theresa E