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  • flower seeds wholesale

    waaay off top ic i know. I am looking for flower seeds, like alyssum and carnations and impatiens, but am tired of paying a dollar or more for six seeds in the store. I am wondering if anyone knows of a wholesaler or bulk seller that sells them cheaper. If anyone knows, pls forward. I have googled and found a pound for 35 bucks which is ok i guess but I dont want to spend 35 bucks either. maybe like ten or so. let me know thanks.

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    Re: flower seeds wholesale

    I get a lot of seeds from this place- Catalog
    Know your Latin names of the seeds though, because that's how they are listed. You can also search using common names on it though, I think! He has some really different and unusual seeds from around the world.
    There's lots of other places on the internet too. I have even bought seeds from sellers on Etsy.
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      Re: flower seeds wholesale

      Been a while since I shopped there, but I think Park Seed has larger quantities available. I've used them on many occasions, can tell you I always get very close to 100% germination from their product.
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        Re: flower seeds wholesale

        found out burpee and swallowtail gardens has good prices and weights. thanks for suggesting the links guys [girls] I shied away from the one as I dont trust paypal. dont know why just dont