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Deadline Near For Trading In Your AO Safety Respirators For New 3M 6000 Mask

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  • Deadline Near For Trading In Your AO Safety Respirators For New 3M 6000 Mask

    I own an AO Safety Model R5700 Respirator and I've been using the 8051chemical cartridges that came with it. Two days ago, being big, dumb, and stupid, I stopped off at Home Depot thinking that I was just going to pop in and pick up a new set of cartridges. I hadn't replaced them since I bought the respirator 5-years ago. I only use it for mowing the lawn which is very rare (my wife likes the exercise <grin>), for sanding and scroll saw work, and for spray painting which is also rare.

    Much to my surprise, all I found at Home Depot were 3-M products. That ticked me off because I thought that Home Depot had dropped another product line. But when I went home and looked on the internet I discovered that both Lowes and Ace also only carried 3-M. That's when I started digging a little deeper and finally found an article that reported that 3-M had bought out AO Safety Equipment.

    That's the bad news. The good news is that there has been a trade-in program in place for a number of years now where if you call call the 3-M fulfillment center at 1-866-420-9189 and provide your name, address, telephone number and where you bought your AO equipment, they will provide you with a 3M 6000 series half facepiece respirator. This only includes the mask. You will be responsible for purchasing the cartridges that are compatible with the facepiece based on your application.

    But be advised the program will be ending April 30th, 2012.