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  • New mac Computer

    I haven't been on the forum for a while,my last virus wiped out the operating system on my old computer.

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    Re: New mac Computer

    Sorry i hit a wrong key before i finished writing.

    My son suggested i buy a mac instead of another pc. Well i did a lot of complaining about the price.I said that i could buy a lot of tools for the price of a mac. Needless to say he won,he said look at it as a tool to do my hobbies.

    Well I have been working with it for about a week,it seems to be a lot easer
    to use than a pc. My son is a graphic designer and has been using mac's for about 15 years. Well i hope i can have some piece of mind that i won't get any viruses.


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      Re: New mac Computer

      Welcome to the dark side, Bill...LOL. I went to a Mac 3 years ago and I'll never go back to PC again. I admit that there are some minor things I miss but nothing important.

      I was always so careful not to open anything from a stranger, never opened attachments, even from folks I knew. I needed security on the computer for the things I do.... always kept my anti virus up to date. I did everything right and still got such a nasty virus that they had to wipe the drive.....that was the last straw.

      I went right to the apple store and bought the imac. It's been wonderful. I still practice safe computer rules. But the peace of mind you get with the mac is worth every penny. Enjoy yours.


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        Re: New mac Computer

        Congratulations on the new Mac, Bill! I've been an Apple Computer owner since 1980 - just bought my latest yesterday (to replace my government one that I had to give up when I retired). Got a MacBookPro.

        As Susie mentions, practice safe computing. You can get some anti-virus software, paid or free, for the Mac, if you want to be even more safe. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask...

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          Re: New mac Computer

          Beware the dark side!!!

          Welcome to Mac world...been an Apple user since the now famous Apple IIe...I remember those days fondly...I keep my iPad close and ready..
          Good luck with the new hardware...


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            Re: New mac Computer

            Welcome to real computing Bill!
            As Susie and Claude have mentioned, safe computing is a must - regardless of what platform you are using. Mac's are not immune to malware, spyware or virus's, they just aren't as big a target as Windows, not worth the time and effort to exploit, nor as fun and easy as Microsoft is. In recent years the user base has grown ... Beware, be safe - the tide is turning.


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              Re: New mac Computer

              Susie, Claude,mobjack68, and kimschance,

              I'm glad to see their are some mac user on the forum. i have taken precautions to protect
              me from virus. My son said if i didn't request something to download don't open it to be safe.

              Looking forward to learning all this machine has to offer.