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Can I ask a favor?

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    Re: Can I ask a favor?



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      Re: Can I ask a favor?

      Prayers for a speedy recovery and their family’s strength.


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        Re: Can I ask a favor?

        Consider our family prayers as well as others,God will surely bless them.


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          Re: Can I ask a favor?

          Originally posted by alarchie View Post
          consider it done.

          "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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            Re: Can I ask a favor?

            You've got it my friend!


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              Re: Can I ask a favor?

              Prayer on the way for Mike's wife and Mike for a speedy recovery and continued strength.


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                Re: Can I ask a favor? (udated)

                Here's an update from Mike (Autobodyman) that I copied from another forum.

                She's doing better, thanks to all the prayers (I believe). Brought her out of it after 8 days in the induced coma, drugged thing. Gave her a traceotomy, using less oxygen for a couple days, Off the respirator and using air to the trac. Two days ago on one of those nose breathers capped the trac yesterday so she can talk now (sounds like Darth Vader with his um stuff in a vise ). If she had a good night they may take out her trac today. Still a bit shaky, but able to get up with minor assistance. She really wants to come home. I keep telling her they have to remove the trac and she has to do some therapy so she can walk a bit first.

                Was pretty scary the first few days she was awake, paranoid as all get out. Kept telling me weird stories about people coming in the night trying to kill her (not possible as son and I are there 24/7, him nights me days) anyway once they finally got all the drips out she's back to mostly her old self, except she's pretty adamant about coming home.

                Can see light at the end of the tunnel, thanks so very much for the thoughts and prayers. Be 3 weeks this coming Tuesday, getting a bit tired. Put 2600 miles and $1000 worth of gas in my pickup in the last 18 days. Been doing all kinds of firsts for me, went threw the checkout at Walmart several times (I shop local hardware, parts house and online but that's about it). Paid a few bills (6 checkbooks, trying to figure out which bills get paid from which accounts has been fun. Went to mail them had to call my mother, last time I mailed a letter the stamps said 15 cents. Had these stamps with no numbers one them, do they work, how many do you use? Mom thought that was funny. Doing laundry and shopping.

                My wife has pretty much shielded me from life and I've been living in ignorant bliss. Just hope I'm not like the tree grown in a green house, moved out into the wind and snap like a twig.

                Sorry haven't replied sooner, 12 hours at the hospital, drive for 3 hours, get home, water some of the flowers, eat a little something, deal with mail, a few hours of sleep then back on the road again, days and nights are all becoming a blur.

                I gotta get going, they said the doctor would be there sometime between 7am and 9am to possibly remove the trac and the wife wanted me to be there if they do so I promised her I'd be there by 6am (hour and a half drive and I need to be up two hours before I leave town, got kind of a Monk phobia about using public rest rooms. Been living on 3 cups of yogurt a day and half a bottle of kaopectate to deal with it).

                I'm probably skipping some stuff here, getting kind of hard to retain things. Apparently she had ARDS which apparently is really bad, the medical staff is surprised she's recovering so quickly.

                Anyway day 20 and counting, still in ICU.

                Again thanks for all the prayers, seems to be working.

                Thanks. ~Mike


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                  Re: Can I ask a favor?

                  An update: In the other forum that I copied Mike's update from there is a post from his wife using his screen name. She thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. She and Mike are at home now and getting recovered I am sure.