The Creede (Colorado) Woodcarving Rendezvous has posted the classes for the 2006 session (July 8-14). I have signed up for Bill Matz's moose antler carving class and for a pyrography course on the final day. This will be my first trip there; but, I have heard good things about it.

I have also signed up for Vickie Branson's class at the Silver Dollar City/Ozark Mountain Seminar (March 6-10) at Branson, MO. Since I live nearby, I have attended all of these; but, usually go to a power carving session on birds of prey.
I try to attend about 3 classes each year. Nice to be retired and have the time and an RV to make it convenient. Have any of you noticed how the number of 5 day classes are disappearing at many of the gatherings? Is it because of time, cost, or both? I looked at several of the seminars and found this to be true. In fact, Bill's class is about the only 5 day session at Creede. I can't see traveling any distance and working on a piece that can be completed in a couple of days.

I started carving with decoys, went to caricatures, settled on birds of prey and have pretty much stayed there. Last fall I decided to branch out some in my carving. Took a mammal carving session with Debbe Edwards, then signed on for these two classes. Next year I will have to find a replacement for the Creede Rendezvous.

Anyway, just wondered if any of you were planning on going to either of these functions.