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  • Look who came for a visit

    Hi Gang,
    I am a member of the Barrie Woodcarvers and we meet every second and fourth thursday of each month. I recieved an email yesterday from JamesFa asking where the club was located. When I arrived who was there to meet me but Frank. What a nice suprise to have him join our group for the evening. Frank is a genuine down to earth guy and fit in only too well. Not far into the evening he was giving advice and instruction to a rookie carver and really mixed in well with all the people. Our club is a very active club on most nights our attendance is 50 or more. Well I have been a member for five years now and participate in the 50/50 draw every meeting and have yet to win. What does Frank do but win the 50/50 draw his first time there. Not only that but his winning ticket was #380 and mine was #381 . All kidding aside it was nice to see Frank win he traveled 50 miles to come to the meeting so it kind of paid for his night. Not only that but do you remember the Mountie Spirit Carver he did. Would you believe that he gave me that carving? It was nice to have him there Frank and I have met before but it has been two years since we have seen each other. I great guy and a fabulous carver I will treasure that carving for ever that is definatly a family heirloom.
    Thanks again Frank you are welcome back any time.
    Jim - The Doing is as much fun as the Viewing!
    Jackson, MS

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    Re: Look who came for a visit

    Nice to see Frank is still on the road and dropping in on fellow carvers. Thanks for posting the pics Colin, he looks great. Frank is a real kind and gentle man, that was a very nice thing for him to do, both the visit and especially the "Mountie".

    Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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      Re: Look who came for a visit

      Colin, what a great surprise! And how thoughtful it was of him to give you that carving, you're right, it's going to be quite the family heirloom!! Too bad you didn't win the 50/50 drawing, but sounds like an equally nice person did! Deborah


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        Re: Look who came for a visit

        Way COOL!

        Colin, You know a neat guy who gave a neat guy a carveing!
        Hope to meet Donna T is a couple of weeks on her way to Wichita and Ron Davidson when we head that way in a few weeks.


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          Re: Look who came for a visit

          Colin and Bob Thank you for the kind words,i showed your posts to to my wife and she would like to know who your talking about.

          The evening was a lot of fun and Colin introduced me to some very nice people,and the Pres. invited me back any time and told me that because of the distance I didn't have to join the club.but that was probably before i won the 50/50.

          in any event the evening was a lot of and will go back whenever the weather permits.

          Safety first


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            Re: Look who came for a visit

            Hope you don't mind that I borrowed your picture of Jamefa and added it to my WCI family album.