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Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

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  • Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

    The show and school came off with few hitches. 1,400+ people came through to view the carving during the show. 146 students came to learn from the expert instructors who came to pass on their skills to others. Lots of good people meeting other good people, and it was great. I'll attach some photos of things going on. Unfortunately I don't have photos of the winners, except for my first ever blue ribbon with a Gerald Sears roughout in the Intermediate category. Of course there was only one entry in the category...but I saw other one-item categories with a red or a white ribbon, so I'll still brag about the blue ribbon...
    1 - My blue ribbon!
    2 - John Engler demonstrating one of his techniques
    3 - Bob Guge explaining his approach
    4 - Jeanie Carey well on her way to a great crappy with the help of Wanda Reichert
    5 - Greg Wirtz showing a student his Intaglio method of relief carving

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    Re: Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

    Some more photos.

    1 - Donna Menke working with her students
    2 - Carolyn Halbrook with chip carving students
    3 - Danny Reb getting started with his flat plane style carving
    4 - Elaine Stenman demonstrating one of her techniques of shallow relief carving
    5 - Stu Martin working with a student for realistic human faces


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      Re: Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

      First off, Congratulations , Blue ribbon wow. I can see why you won it . Thanks for the photos . My brother lives in Rockport and I was going to tell him about the show but I forgot, Next year. thanks again for sharing with us Ginny


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        Re: Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

        I'll make these the last. These are "stitched" overviews of some of the action at the show/school.

        1 - Our facilty with students
        2 - The Tool Box display
        3 - Dalla Deege's display
        4 - Another overview of the students
        5 - Gen Kreyling's class


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          Re: Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

          Looks like a good event. Congrats on your blue ribbon, I like the looks of your pirate. I think I met Danny Reb, over 15 yrs ago when I attended an event in Texas...he showed me how to carve some eyes. Nice guy.


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            Re: Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

            Congratulations on your ribbon. I am jealous..not of the ribbon per se but that you got judged. Our club rules state that there must be a minimum of three entries in a category for there to be ribbons or places awarded. I am an intermediate carver (in our club it is 5 blue ribbons as an intermediate then you go to open), and that is the smallest group in our club. We had a lot of novices last year, and most of the other members are open class..we also have a Sr. Class for over 75 years of age (if you want to enter as a Sr.). Well, at our last show in November 2012, for various reasons, only two of us in the intermediate category were able to attend. You guessed it..not a single Intermediate category in the whole show got places awarded. The judge scored our carving, but no prizes or places. I worked really, really hard all year and was major disappointed in this result at the show. I didn't complain because the rules are the rules..although I must confess both of us intermediates whined a little. I felt really down for a while, but now have bucked up and am trying to carve better than ever before to get some entries for next year. Congrats on your win and it looks like you all had a great show.


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              Re: Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

              We have many entries in the Intermediate category. Total for all categories was almost 300 and for some reason we have about 70 categories. Some get no entries and some get a bunch. We get few Juniors and Novices, but a lot of Open. Our rule is that even single entries get judged, but they get a ribbon based on the Judges judgement. Thus, a blue ribbon is not guaranteed; nor is any ribbon. I think this year they only went as low as Honorable Mention for a single entry group. Only a couple blue ribbons given to single entries. If they hadn't judged mine, I'd'a been whining with you.



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                Re: Coastal Bend Wood Carvers Show & School

                Carolyn Halbrook with chip carving students