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  • another one in the books.....

    I wanted to thank Eddy and Tree Wizard for coming to the Calusa Club's annual show this weekend....and for looking me up at my table. It's always good to see Eddy and Shelly. And it was a real treat to meet someone new.... Paul, (Tree Wizard) stopped by and we had quite a nice visit, compared scars and talked carving in general.

    It was a good show. I know our vendors felt like it was worth the effort to set up there. I saw lots of happy attendees carrying bags of supplies/tools and blocks of wood or books. For me, it's a chance to catch up with old carving friends, some of whom, I only see at the show once a year.

    So, this one is in the books as a huge success. Looking forward to next year....

    I did take photos and as soon as I catch up on some things around the house and have a minute to myself, I'll get them resized and posted on here.

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    Re: another one in the books.....

    Glad it was a successful show. Looking forward to the pictures. Neat that you had people from the forum stop by and visit.


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      Re: another one in the books.....

      Good to see you too Susan! I missed Paul! I'll catch him tomorrow at the workshop! I really enjoyed the show and really appreciated your new wood vendor. I bought a really nice chunk of 5/4 basswood for future projects.

      For those on the Suncoast needing wood these are the folks to see. I was only interested in Basswood but it looked like they carry a large selection...

      Triton Lumber and Marine Supply Homosassa Florida - Boat Lifts, Floating Docks, Dock Hardware, Dock Accessories, Marine Lumber, Composite Decking, Hardwood Lumber.

      6971 W. Homosassa Trail
      PO Box 598, Homosassa, Florida, 34487
      Call Toll Free: 1-877-647-1400
      Fax: 352-628-4060

      [email protected]


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        Re: another one in the books.....

        For those who missed this show, you missed some great work. All I can say about the display SusieQ set up is if you think her work looks good from her picture posts, it will absolutely blow you away when you can hold it in your hand and take a close look!


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          Re: another one in the books.....

          Thank you Paul! (blushing at the moment...) I am glad you liked the show and flattered beyond words, that you like my work...... I have always said that the comments from other carvers mean more to me than the rest.

          The show was a good one and I hope to get my photos downloaded onto the Mac, resized and posted on here, maybe later today. I am so glad you made it to the show and hope to see you there again.

          Our show has been going on for well over 25 years now. Every club has it's ups and downs. It's a struggle to get new, younger people interested in carving but at the show, we usually pick up a few new members. I am hoping we inspired a few folks to try it.

          Thanks again.


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            Re: another one in the books.....

            Hi Susie,
            Sounds like the show was a good time.
            Looking forward to your pics.

            Have a good one,


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              Re: another one in the books.....

              I'll second Paul's comments! SusieQ's an artist extrodinaire!


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                Re: another one in the books.....

                thank you Eddy. I appreciate the kind words