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  • dog story

    now I am blessed with a very nice car, a bmw x3. I am also blessed with a very intense 135 lb rottweiler who likes only one human on the planet. me. so much so, that I muzzle him 90percent of the time when we go out.
    Today I didnt. Thought it would be a nice day for a ride ya know.

    I go to the gas station and while filling up, a rather disheveled looking young man comes up and says;
    dat a nice car man.
    I said thank you, [ Im polite even to idiots]
    dat car so nice Im gonna sit in it.
    I said I wouldnt.
    Now my dog, gets aware of the situation and goes positively primordial in the back. He reverts back to sabre tooth tiger primordial. he does not want to bite now, he wants to killl now.
    Guys says I didnt see the dog, he is a mother.........
    I said you know the nice thing about this car?
    He says no I dont since I cant sit in it
    If I push this button on the key thing the rear hatch opens. Did you know that?

    No man I dont know man
    I said do you reallly want to meet my dog?

    No man, no.

    I said young man dont believe sterotypes. What appears to be a helpless old man you can mess with, may actually have very determined sons who will protect him. Dig????

    He goes ya man I get you.

    Have a nice day. I was going to add, chump but I didnt. I was polite.

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    Re: dog story

    Smile! Good one Rick and your little dog too! Made my day.
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      Re: dog story

      Rick, That was good to hear glad it worked out that way for you.


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        Re: dog story

        Rick, wish I could have seen that. Glad everything turned out OK.


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          Re: dog story

          Gotta love it! My dogs go nuts if anyone even approaches the house, unless we tell them it's OK. They are medium size, about 50 lbs each, but one of them sounds like German Shepard on burglar alarms around!