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  • tanx kids

    for years I was a lurker here, read all the posts, looked at all the pics but rarely said anything. The last year I have been posting a lot more, mainly asking questions which at least one person got tired of.

    Point is I feel accepted now. Part of the group. Not just part however, a important part. Which is important because since I got downsized 9 yrs ago I have been unable to find a job except for parttime teaching at colleges. To a large degree I feel like a washed up unwanted old man of no real importance.

    Someone said once in one of my threads. "I look forward to your posts, sometimes their funny, sometimes give a great insight but they are always pertinent and can help others" That made me feel really good. Like someone cares ya know?

    I dont know if its because I post more or because I found a way to relate or you are all simply being kind. But thanks. Its nice to belong. Its nice to be treated nicely when I open my big mouth.

    thanks guys

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    Re: tanx kids

    Glad you're with us, Rick! Your questions are usually spot on, and you're also willing to share what you've found out.

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      Re: tanx kids

      Hi Rick, Glad you are feeling Comfortable hear and posting your Questions. I was told many times that the only Dumb Question is the one you don't ask. So feel free to keep them coming, I sure can't answer all of them but someone will. Merle


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        Re: tanx kids

        Your questions help us all. Newer ones benifit from the answers, more seasoned ones get to improve the getting the point across skills that keep the forum active. Some just come on the forum and make a big introduction, never to be heard from again. Some say there is no more clubs or wood on the east coast. Some we have no idea where they are from. So I say post away rickm, keep the forum lit up. I only have time in the evening, I dont post many pictures, but I do enjoy the learning from everyone, top to bottom. Tanx.
        Carve On


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          Re: tanx kids

          Hi Rick, Glad you feel welcome.
          all you want, it is ok with me.
          I dont understand why anyone would be upset with you posting too much.
          Maybe others need to post more than they do. The more different opinions from others the better it is from my point of view.


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            Re: tanx kids

            Glad you're here, pleased that you spoke up.

            Back in the day, we were often told that if one student asked a question in a class of
            30, there were usually at least 6-10 others who really wanted to know the answer.
            This place has accelerated my technical carving skills to the point of real satisfaction, every day. I've lived in this village of 550 for 12 years. Just yesterday, I learned the name of another carver! I thought I was a carving club of one.

            You ask a question. Sometimes, I've learned part of the answer to add to the pot.
            Sometimes, I have absolutely NO CLUE and I'm waiting to read what others say in answer. I've posted a lot. No where else to go. A few other sites have little wood carving parts but not much interaction.
            Stick with it.
            Brian T


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              Re: tanx kids

              I agree with the other posters. It's good to stir the pot and get us all thinking. Answering questions on this forum and learning from the other posters has enhanced my experience greatly.


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                Re: tanx kids

                I enjoy your posts, Rick. Didn't answer everytime but you ask pertinent questions.