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Carving life.

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  • Carving life.

    I have come to believe life is much like a carving. It is a sculpture that is only completed when we are done. Like a log, it can have many challenges. The grains may take many directions. Shaping it as we go we just keep trying to give it form and function not always seeing our mistakes until we step back and look at what has been done. Redoing and changing what we can we move on. Those mistakes we cannot correct we say they give it character. There are those times when we must take the risk to remove an area not knowing for sure how it will affect the rest of the carving. Sometimes it is just what was needed and other time it results in our having to rethink the whole rest of our plan. But if we keep the tools of life sharp and have faith, If we move slow and with purposes, If we can learn from our efforts and from those who are put in our path to teach us, we can adapt to the work to be done. And when we do set down our tools we can say with satisfaction this life was hand carver by me.

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    Re: Carving life.

    Everything we perceive depends depends totally on one's perspective, and it appears yours is finding the elevation needed for peace.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Well spoken. Phill


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      Re: Carving life.

      I like your thinking Randy.


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        Re: Carving life.

        Very well thought out!
        Keep On Carvin'
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          Re: Carving life.

          For me I rather carve then do is where the nuts, idiots, and those with words and no action is. Life is where one is pounded into a shell to follow the sheep for elite purpose. Life is mixture of burnt wood and where people rot from the inside out. For my own life is what everyone tells you what to think ... so you do not think and you sit in front of the TV and turn into Zombies. smile Di
          . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di