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    I have noticed that in all the countries that I have lived and worked in over the past 10 years that they are building like wildfire tower cranes everywhere. In Mumbai and Manila a new ultra modern airport that rivals any of ours in Bangkok the same thing. They also have excellent public transportation much like Western Europe but newer. Here in Monterrey they have every type and brand of manufacturing that used to be made in the U.S. It’s like 20 miles of nothing but manufacturing plants on both sides of a 12 lane highway.

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    Re: Field Report

    And that is why (in my opinion) our great country is in decline and doing poorly economically...we don't make anything...we just buy and buy and buy from others and send our money away. Not like it used to be for sure.


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      Re: Field Report

      How true. Our country is still great though. Mostly because we have lost our manufacturing jobs like Slow says, where do our young graduates end up. I have 31 years with my job. It has been a good place to work. Now 5-10 years and its time to move on. So glad to retire next summer and carve, carve, carve. For the fun of it of course.
      Carve On,