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  • Switching photos

    In the Carver Galleries there is a process for editing my own photos. The dialogue box includes ,a line for browsing and selecting a photo to replace the photo being edited. It also allows me to change the title, description, etc. But when the process is completed, the text changes are made but not the change of photo. Is the only solution to delete the old photo and upload the new one? This deletes all comments & records with the old photo.

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    Re: Switching photos

    When I go to the Edit Photo function, the replacement photo appears as a thumbnail, but the old photo remains in the gallery. The two photos do not have the same filename.


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      Re: Switching photos

      u cant delete pics in the gallery,,u have to ask Bob to do it
      if u try to. it will show [black] or blank but if hasnt been removed,and the comments stay to a blank pic
      once a pic is posted in galleries only a mod. can delete it
      make sure the # r not the same and upload as new pic,,it willnt have the comments on it..ask Bob if he will delete the old pic and move the comments to the new pic


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        Re: Switching photos

        I have frequently deleted photos in the gallery. It must be one of your own photos. When you bring up the photo by itself, click on the Photo Options command in the header. This opens a dialogue box that includes the option to delete.