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  • Gilding the Lily

    Maybe it's just me, but I have noticed a correlation between the number of members posting on the message board (going down) and attempts by the moderators to keep the conversation on the forum PC (going up).

    I found the discussion on the Etsy issue very interesting and was surprised to hear that it was closed down temporarily over the weekend. While it is up again today, apparently the moderators were concerned that this might be objectionable content. It isn't much of a leap to take that as a instruction to self-edit.

    On another thread in the last day or so, a member reported he was asked to contribute to the forum after an absence of some weeks. He reported that "I am not willing to be pushed into posting 'good job' on stuff that I don't know beans about, just to be a good member of this forum." Perhaps if he were offered a few challenging threads to read, he might be tempted to contribute.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm all in favor of moderation. But a timely intervention in the form of a posting asking members to keep things civil, or perhaps the deletion of a member posting that goes way over the top (like this one, I suspect) would be far more effective than deleting threads and enforcing orthodoxy.

    When I joined the forum last November there were sixty to seventy postings a day. Recently I counted a low of 28. Perhaps a gilding of the lily is discouraging participation.
    ... Rod

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    Re: Gilding the Lily

    I think you may have misunderstood some of the other posts. Moderators have always had the unfortunate job of having to decide whether a post is objectionable, per the stated rules of this board. And one automated message by the software used for the board appeared to be misunderstood... i get reminders regularly from Weebly and other websites that are "wondering where I've been". It was an automated solicitation by the software. I suspect that a lot of members may have other things in their lives that may slow down their contributions a bit. It's summer: means baseball, cut the grass, fix this. Heck, my carving club stops meeting entirely until until September. I will post things when I get them completed, but work and other things are slowing me down. I suspect that is true for others. I read stuff on the board daily, looking for new posts and new work and I try to comment, if I feel I have something useful to offer. I'm not sure what you mean by challenging threads....I'm not looking for professionally written and edited articles. I'm happy with the little tips that someone shares or the ideas I get when I see a different tool caddy. I worry sometimes that I am posting too much, just posting the same old thing, the same old tips, the same old Santa, the same old comments. I will try to be more interesting, but my wife would probably comment that perhaps I'm being overly optimistic regarding my abilities in that area! I'll be looking for yours too, man! You have to be part of the solution! Honestly, I'd rather be carving than writing!
    'If it wasn't for caffeine, I wouldn't have any personality at all!"


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      Re: Gilding the Lily

      I appreciate your observations, Rodster, about the direction being taken by this forum. As a participant, I have been torn between wanting to start some meaningful threads on the subject of woodcarving or simply abandoning the site. Clearly, this site will become whatever the active participants choose to make it. If that becomes the "lowest common denominator" of carving interests, or a diminishing group of carvers giving each other "atta-boys" for mediocre creations, I will be gone.


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        Re: Gilding the Lily

        I haven't noticed any problems on the site, other then the Security Certificate Errors. I would like to see people post more, but I attributed the lower number of posts to Summer and some of the things that come with it. No matter what, I still think WCI is great and will continue to frequent it.



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          Re: Gilding the Lily

          Novemberr, winter, half the coutry or more sitting inside whittling. June spring, nobody inside...... typical yearly cycle I think.
          Buffalo Bif


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            Re: Gilding the Lily

            I think its the long days and nice weather as well


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              Re: Gilding the Lily

              I see that most of the posts are from North American members. It is summer. Lots of outdoor attractions and distractions. If the sponsors have not detected this, they should.
              For myself, winter (Nov - April) is my wood carving "season." For the next few months, there are a whole lots of things other than carving which engage my efforts. I've made some drawings, laid out some blocks, even lent some tools to another carver. That's it as after breakfast, I have a morning of gardening and transplanting to do (in the rain today) which I cannot put off until Jamuary.
              Brian T


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                Re: Gilding the Lily

                Yep it is summertime lots more distractions, In our carving clubs May newsletter it was noted that I was very prolific carver, I had taken 7 or 8 carving to show and tell. Well I had missed the April meeting due to a blizzard so we had two month supply of carving AND there had been two more blizzards in that time period. No distraction, no need even to go to town as the mail wasn't coming so I carved and carved and painted. Now it is June and I have to mow the lawn now and then and I won't have that many carving for show and tell


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                  Re: Gilding the Lily

                  Can you give an few more examples of moderators trying to keep things PC? I'm a member of several other forums, and I consider this one pretty open.

                  Best Regards,
                  Bob Duncan
                  Technical Editor