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  • giving back

    a couple years ago it dawned on me that I have chewed up a fair amount of basswood thru the years, probably a pittance compared to some but a fair amount. As a gesture I planted two basswood trees in the back yard. I keep them protected from the deer and they are about a knee high now. Probably they wont get to any size in my life time but somedy perhaps someone can avail themselves of carving wood. just a gesture.

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    Re: giving back

    That's a kind thing to do. I don't know anything about basswood trees. I don't think we have them in Texas. Ginny


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      Re: giving back

      Good idea Rick. I also use basswood grown locally here to make cordage so it isn't just carving. I think I need to plant some too.


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        Re: giving back

        I love the idea, also interested in growing saplings for sticks/staffs. I cant get a seed to sprout, or find a sprout to transplant. 100 bucks apiece at the nursery, that ain't happening. I'll try cuttings next.
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          Re: giving back

          I got them online someplace it was like 5 bucks and then shipping biut it wasn't much at all.


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            Re: giving back

            Neat idea Rick!
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              Re: giving back

              Anyone in WV or surrounding states can order saplings from the state. They have quite a variety and best of all they're only a dollar apiece but the down side is you have to order 25. I'm planting 25 alders and 25 osage orange this year and hope to do a few other varieties next year. I know that several states have similar deals for reforestation purposes. I will harvest some of these for sticks but many others I hope to leave for the next generation of carvers.


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                Re: giving back

                I plant several trees a year, sometime more.... I believe it is a must.
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