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  • wood castings

    I have been wondering lately if any of you have made castings of something you carved? I would love to learn how to do it. Any help along these lines would really be appreciated Thanks Ginny

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    Re: wood castings

    Casting Resin and Silicone Mold Making Rubber
    includes videos of how to... not the only supplier of materials by any means.


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      Re: wood castings

      Not an easy venture to tackle. I have been two months trying to figure this out and cast a santa of the quality that can be Signed Goodys Folkart. The videos on the site mentioned are good BUT they make it look easier than it is. A lot of experimentation and failures to learn this process and a failure costs about $75.00 in materials. Mold making is an art in itself. If the mold is not perfect neither will be the cast. I have finally settled on the mold material I will be using and the casting resin that I feel works best. After building a vacuum chamber to degass the mold material I just got to the point this week that I can cast a high quality santa with repeatability. Here is a link to a thread in the carving business part of the forum:
      Pictures are of two santas I cast Wednesday.
      Good luck if you venture into this.