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  • yr tools and carvings

    I don't want to be fatalistic, but it looks like this. I had a uncle, local very good carver, who died and his kids took all his tools and carvings and pitched them in the dumpster. and he had industrial lathes, big band saws, the works.
    Recently there was a post where a young boy needed tools and a very nice lady stepped up and gave her fathers tools to the boy. very generous and touching.
    I would bet most if not all do not have a provison for yr tools and carvings when you depart. Since you spent years and hours learning your craft you certainly don't want your carvings to end up as kindling for the fire.
    As far as tools, some of you guys have really expensive stuff and a lot of it. A shame to just put in the recycling bin.
    Just occurred to me that maybe it would be a good idea to make a provision of some sort for yr tools. Maybe donate them to the carving club. Or someone who is deserving. Your carving? Maybe split them between yr kids or the local library or something.
    Whatever you do, do something to make sure part of your heritage, which carving and your work is, is passed on to someone who cares.
    I don't want to bum anyone out, but its shameful to take 1 or 2 or 3 thousand dollars worth of tools and put them in the garbage. Or sell them in a garage sale for 5 cents. and equally shameful for someone to take yr carvings and casually toss them.
    just a thought.

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    Re: yr tools and carvings

    An interesting thought, Rickm. The next generation often places little value on the parents things; perhaps affected by the parent/child relationship. My grandkids seem to be more interested in my carvings, and I usually give them pieces they like.
    My grandfather left a chest full of hand tools (he was a cabinet maker) initially to my dad, who passed them to my son. He has used them and treasured them.
    My tools? I have about fifty Pfeil gouges and several old woodworking machines (of low value). They are part of a living trust to be disposed of by successor trustees.


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      Re: yr tools and carvings

      All to my son in law


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        Re: yr tools and carvings

        Y'all can keep me in mind. I'll take good care of your tools and put them to good use.

        I hope to be still carving 40 to 50 years from now!


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          Re: yr tools and carvings

          hopefully by the time I get done with them ther will be nothing left lol