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  • Texas Beauty

    When I post non-carving related photos, they are usually extolling the natural beauty of some location. I never dreamed I would be doing this from the casita of our son's home in Wylie, Texas.

    Following our daily routine, I took Koshare out for his morning walk at 06:30 this morning. It has been raining for a couple of days....badly needed. The sky was cloudy, the sun not up; but, the temps were wonderful. I watched the dog for a minute, looked up, and ran back inside for my camera.

    I have spent a good portion of my life outdoors. In areas from tropical islands, to deserts and mountains, and even in the frozen north. I have been fortunate to have seen Mother Nature display many aspects of her beauty. Not often am I totally surprised; but, this did it.

    Six thirty in the morning, the sun not up, in the middle of suburbia....! Hope it is some kind of omen.

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    Re: Texas Beauty

    All I can say is Beautiful in deed. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Ginny


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      Re: Texas Beauty

      Hello Paul,I agree with you. That is a very pretty sight. That early in the morning, it
      would give you a great start for the day.

      Thanks for sharing.



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        Re: Texas Beauty

        Every location on God's great earth has it's own special kind of beauty, you just need t open your eyes and heart and observe it. Nice way to start your day.