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    Just got back from Vancouver Island, British Colombia. It was a fishing trip and a very successful one. Fished at Tofino on the west coast of the island and caught Chinook salmon to 23 lbs, a lot of Coho salmon and halibut. One big halibut that was 58 lbs. This is a bucket list place for fishermen.
    Also saw some VERY impressive red cedar. Old growth trees up to 12 feet in diameter. The tops die and they put out new tops that are several feet in diameter themselves. One trail we hiked had an old growth tree that the trail was cut through, of the 5 ft radius 2 1/2 feet had growth rings over 50 to an inch. This is the stuff that Robson speaks of. I spent a lot of time in the Northern Calif redwoods and these cedars are just as impressive as the big redwoods. No pictures cause I put the camera away while it was on and the battery was dead.
    A lot of First Nation type carving to be found in the towns. There is a pair of doors at the Port Alberni visitor center that are worth stopping for, among other things.
    All in all this was one of the most enjoyable trips I have taken in many years