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  • WCI Collectors Set


    I'm interested in taking a subscription to WCI, but I would like to order the collectors set 1 aswell.
    When I added the Collectors Set to the shopcart, it added more then double the cost of the set, for sending it to me. I am from The Netherlands, and obviously it isnt going to be for free to send it, but double the cost of the set, I was shocked and disappointed, as I wont get the set then. I understand Fox Chapel isnt the ones making the price for that.

    However, is there another route I could take for this set? Is there a place to order this within Europe?



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    Re: WCI Collectors Set

    Hi Kevin,
    I'm not sure that anyone else offers the package deal on the collector's set. You might drop our customer service ladies an e-mail ([email protected]). They might be able to help you out.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Duncan
    Technical Editor


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      Re: WCI Collectors Set

      I'm with Kevin on this one although i know its not Fox Chapel fault in anyway it would cost me $114 to ship the collectors set to the UK and its stopped me ordering other titles as well because $9 p&p is fair enough when i'm ordering from the other side of the world but to increase it to $15 p&p for two title seems a steep increase.

      I know for a fact if there was a Europe based point i could order from that wouldn't hit me so hard on postage i'd personally order a lot more of the specials


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        Re: WCI Collectors Set

        Yes, if there was a europe based point I would order all the magazines and get me a subscription. I would be more then willing to spend my money on more titles, since reading about carving is almost as good as carving, especially now, where I dont have my own place to work at.