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  • Really down

    Need some reassurance
    I was doing a small gnome scene for a happy little boy in a wheel chair
    His mum phoned me at 4am to say he had a coughing fit followed by some form of cerebral trauma and he died on his way to hospital
    Im just totally gutted Ive sat in tears and burned the bits I was doing for him but I know hes gone to a better place


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    Re: Really down

    That is too thoughts are that you complete the scene in his memory and give it to his parents. I am sure they would appreciate your deed.


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      Re: Really down

      Sincere condolences to you and his family. There is no easy way through this. It is just something you endure until the pain level is low enough that you can find some kind of peace of mind.


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        Re: Really down

        I'll second that suggestion. Not only will it be great for them but it will also give you some focus and purpose. My thoughts are with you Mike!


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          Re: Really down

          I'm so sorry this happened --


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            Re: Really down

            Can't even imagine what you are going through, Mike. Condolences to you and to the family.
            Buffalo Bif


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              Re: Really down

              What terrible sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family. I agree with the should complete the project and give it to his parents in his memory. I'm sure they will appreciate it and it will give you some sense of purpose, and will keep you carving through this very sad time.
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                Re: Really down

                Hello, Mike, I'm really sorry to hear about this. It is sad, but like you said, he is in heaven
                now and will suffer no more pain. The suggestion that you do the carving and give it to his parents sounds like a great thing to do as it would be a special keepsake for them. My
                thoughts and prayers are with you and his family. It sounds like he was pretty special to



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                  Re: Really down


                  Everything everyone else said. But here's a suggestion for you.

                  While you're carving, just smile and remember that little boy is now out of that wheel chair and running around and having all the fun he couldn't have before here on earth.

                  Having gone through dealing with the sudden loss of people of all ages while serving in EMS and rescue, I fiound like others I would dwell on the loss.

                  We need to remember the eternal future opens up infinite happiness.

                  So now, I just envison what the deceased could be doing and that is what helps me smile.

                  Hope that helps.

                  Bob L


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                    Re: Really down

                    I am sorry for your grief. I agree with the others on finishing the project.


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                      Re: Really down

                      That is so unfortunate Mike. Sounds like he would have loved your little scene you were carving. May you find peace in knowing he is better now.

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                        Re: Really down

                        I've found the following Irish funeral poem to be a comfort in times like this.

                        "God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered “come to me.” With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best."

                        He's with God now, and that is all the reassurance I need.

                        I also agree with finishing the project for his parents.


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                          Re: Really down

                          Thank you all my friends
                          I needed that "hug" from you to get me through this day
                          thank you each and every one from the bottom of my heart
                          God Bless you all for being there for me



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                            Re: Really down

                            Very dark day. It has left a hole in your heart and for that, I keep you in my thoughts.
                            You burned the bits you were carving. That's closure, the best thing to do.
                            What a Hello of a thing to experience.
                            Regards to all.
                            Brian T


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                              Re: Really down

                              My thoughts and prayers to you and his family Mike. So sorry to hear about this.