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  • computer safety reminder

    As winter sets in many of us spend more time on the internet, thought I'd post a little reminder about virus safety. When those little windows pop up telling you the website reported an error, or something like that, DO NOT CLICK ANYWHERE IN THE POPUP WINDOW, THAT INCLUDES THE LITTLE 'X' AT THE TOP RIGHT THAT USUALLY CLOSES THEM DOWN.

    First thing to try is closing your browser window, if the pop up is malware you probably won't be able to close normally.

    Move your cursor to the taskbar (where you go to find the start menu)and right click your mouse in a open area. From the drop down select Start Task Manager. On the Applications tab highlight any internet apps and click End Task. If there are more than one you'll need to highlight and close them one at a time.

    Seems the malware malcontents spend more time on the internet this time of year too- I've run across these windows twice in the last week for the first time all year.
    Buffalo Bif

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    Re: computer safety reminder

    Thanks Brian, a lot of us are not computer smart and I am one of those. It is nice to know what to do. Thanks again Ginny