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Bad year up to now

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    Re: Bad year up to now

    Actually the last few years did it....everything fell apart. Fell down the mountain helping a neighbor broke three ribs, damage the right thigh major and my back ....major issues. Then ER did not run test.....five doctors later....they find out major problems and doctors where yelling at each other. Doctor thinks I had a stroke, my husband walks out....tired of my health issues. Divorce no money, no credit cards and no health insurance and things where breaking down even my bandsaw died..... I had to go to the food line.... got my house but that was it. I am taking cold showers, cooking outside because I can not afford the highest cost electric in the US. Dad dies and then mom and I have zero means to go back home. Shakey even the darn wheel broke off the darn wheel chair!!! I got the point I felt hopeless,....and then everything took a flip, number one my attitude,....what was a total disaster, is coming to the best things that ever happen to me. Even my health took a major turn for the better,....I can walk!!! for right now,....and no was wrong....and I starting selling my work major. So all I can say is take those negatives and do not focus on them, take the good and be more then grateful.....things can get bad and really bad. The only really bad thing that could happen is if you kick the bucket...and then you won't care then anyway. Keep your head up...and work on solutions and not problems.
    . Explore! Dream! Discover!” aloha Di


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      Re: Bad year up to now

      Hello, Mike, sorry to hear about your problems. They can be hard to cope with. You'll
      be in our prayers for better times real soon.

      We've got about 12 to 14 inches of snow here. Friday morning I was out just before sun-up and shoveled my drive all out. My woodshop is set up in my half of the garage so I park outside. After shoveling the drive, I swept the snow of my truck and just as I
      stepped around the side of it, my foot slipped on some ice under the snow and went
      down. The pain was so intense I went and had it x-rayed. It's not broken but badly sprained, swelled up and very painfull to move it. Hopefully it will heal in a few days,
      especially because it is my right arm and my left hand is kind of clumsy when it comes
      to eating. LOL.

      Take care of yourself and am wishing all the best to you and to all who read this.



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        Re: Bad year up to now

        Thanks Nat and Di and Im glad you have both been rewarded in some form or other and Di Im not ready for the knackers yard just yet
        Ray Im sorry to hear of your fall a sprain is often more painfull than a break Give it plenty of rest and elevate it as much as you can
        Electrical engineer finally came yesterday said Id got am intermittent fault with power He could not fix it and went--hows that for British technology

        My spirits are high and thankful we have no snow yet

        My prayers are with all you Yanks and Canuks daily that relief from nature arrives quickly