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    Re: My apprentice.........

    I have to keep my shop door closed when I am sitting and carving, Our cat always tries to jump on my lap.

    I guess she thinks she's a lap dog.


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      Re: My apprentice.........

      Originally posted by Robson Valley View Post
      Duffus looks like an adequate shop supervisor, but only when they want to.
      I have a little chip sweeper, Heidi. She has a folded blanket at the end of my bench.
      We have a truce about who gets to sit & work where. But that changes, cat-like, every day.

      I used to be so self-absorbed about carving that the cat was a supreme nuisance.
      Now, I don't care any more at all. All I do is make certain that she can't jump up on the bench and land in a mess of tool edges.
      RV, it's nice to reach the point in life where the little things don't ruin the moment...I still struggle with this at times, letting my mind dictate that something unimportant is big enough to bug me. We make our own hells by letting other things determine if we're happy or not. What power we give away!