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Jamaican Bobsled team needs you

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  • Jamaican Bobsled team needs you

    just read an article in USA Today says the Jamaican bobsled team has qualified for the 2014 Olympics but can't afford to go. They have a website up, do a google search and donate a buck or two if you can.

    Can't remember who won the figure skating, or the luge, from any year, but I remember the Jamaican bobsled team, and the little boy who took forever to swim his laps.

    In the name of fun, and for a break from endless figure skating. You know they'll grab the camera....

    Go USA
    Buffalo Bif

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    Re: Jamaican Bobsled team needs you

    Wow, If I had to pick a year when I would keep the US Team at home, it would be this one. I have absolutely zero confidence in Mr. Putin to be able to keep everyone safe, and with all of the violence happening, it will be a miracle if they can keep a major terrorist event at bay.

    It may not be a bad thing if they don't get to go...