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Hawaiian Winter storm

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  • Bart31
    Re: Hawaiian Winter storm

    Wow mother nature isn't happy. Keep yourself safe out there.

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  • DiLeon
    started a topic Hawaiian Winter storm

    Hawaiian Winter storm

    Some people get snow, some get cold weather.....our winter storm hit last is 50 foot waves. You can see how big the wave are in the one picture that has the helicopter in it....the first in decades on the North Shore. Wind gust up to 35 miles per hour and more... I have not seen the giant waves in over 30 some years. So I pop in my little Ford and go driving ocean side to see these waves.... When I arrive at the first beach....I get blasted by sand and that hurts.... and salt water misting in air, with in minutes I am dripping in salt....beaches are major blocked off, as the wave will kill anyone who walks in their path way. The rest of going 2 to 4 miles a hour....and people are everywhere on the roads with their cameras, hanging out their cars and video taping as they drive, walking along the road taking pictures and falling into the road because they are not watching where they are going, drive normal 2 hours took over five hours....never the less it was not fun. Anyone have winter storm stories? smile Di.