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Conversation With A U.S. Marine's Daughter!

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  • Conversation With A U.S. Marine's Daughter!

    This morning my wife and I made a quick run up to the mall to take advantage of a shirt sale that they were having. My wife was encouraging me to throw away some old, favorite, and soft, and well worn..... well, you know what I'm talkin' about, and replace them with new!

    Anyway, after making our purchase we decided to stop off at Panera's for a hot tea and a bagel. On the way out I noticed a young lady swabbing the deck in front of the sandwich counter in a very precise military manner.

    I've never been one to hold back on words so I asked her out of curiosity if she had been in the Navy. She looked somewhere between 20 and 25-years old.

    She replied that she had not but that her Dad had done 8-years in the U.S. Marine Corps. I then asked if that's where she learned to use a mop and she said yes. That if she didn't do it right the first time then by God it had better be done right the second.

    I was so pleased that I could hardly contain myself so I shared that I had been in the Navy and my brother had been a Navy Corpsman with the Marines.

    As I was leaving she told me that the one thing that her Dad did give to her which she was really glad is her work ethic.

    On the way to our truck I told my wife that what we need in this country is more kids like that young lady! "

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    Re: Conversation With A U.S. Marine's Daughter!


    Thank you for sharing this, there are a lot more young folk just like this young Lady! They get shoved out of the light by the 24/7 news/entertainment hawks.

    BZ to her and you for being who you are!



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      Re: Conversation With A U.S. Marine's Daughter!


      Thanks for the reminder to all of us. Eddy, there are alot of good kids out there. I think if we had a few more "old timers" like you (no disrespect meant) that take the time to notice and praise instead of criticize, those "good one's" just might shine a little brighter. I think that one thing that makes you so special is not the kindness that you share, but the way in which you observe, you see so much that many of us miss.

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, your a good man Eddy.

      God Bless,



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        Re: Conversation With A U.S. Marine's Daughter!

        Well said Eddy! However spoiled and mean kids seem to capitalize the
        news now days when only folks like and others like myself focus on the
        many 'good kids' helping others, and those with positive work and school ethics.
        Thanks for reminding us that their are great youngsters around.