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  • arbor day

    well I was just at the arborday website and was pleasantly surprised to find out that for 10 bucks membership you can get 10 trees for free or if you wish, 10 trees can be planted in a forest someplace in yr name.
    I figured since we are all lovers of wood, that would be a magnificent gesture for members to do.
    Since no one ever reads anything I post I imagine this will be confined to the dusty corner of forgetfulness, but I keep trying

    best regards.

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    Re: arbor day

    So Rick, how many trees did you pay for?
    Bill K.
    Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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      Re: arbor day

      Can never be too many trees in the world.


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        Re: arbor day

        since I am not like really rich bill I got the 10 subscription which entitles me to 10 trees. so the rebound question bill would be, how many trees did bill pay for?
        just jokin
        and slow you are so kind and right