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  • Forum Faster Other Problems Now

    Well the pages are now loading a lot faster, just a couple of problems left.

    1) not receiving notifications on posts
    2) images never load when clicked. In other words the image carvers upload, when I click one I get the box showing the circle that basically says loading, but never does. I end up have to right click on the image and opening in another window.
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    Re: Forum Faster Other Problems Now

    1. Notifications: We've been blacklisted by several internet service providers (Comcast and Verizon for certain, and several others that I haven't totally verified yet). The forum is sending out the notifications, but the ISPs are blocking them before people get them. I think some of the big web-based e-mail programs are also dumping us in the spam folder. The forum is set for automatic subscriptions, and when the forum starts e-mailing folks about posts they're subscribed to, they think we're spamming them and mark the e-mails spam... We're trying to figure out how to correct that.

    2. Images. What browser and version are you using? That's a problem we're having trouble tracking down.

    And like I said in another post, we're planning a major website and message board software update in the next couple weeks (I'm in meetings about it almost daily), so in a way, we're kinda letting some of these issues slide to see if the software updates correct them.



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      Re: Forum Faster Other Problems Now

      Everything seems to be working fine on my end.
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