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free carvings!!!!

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  • free carvings!!!!

    ok ok i have your attention, Yes its a free carving but 1st its an idea.

    1st off this is in the idea phase just seeking intrest

    i have seen in the past (so not my idea) where a group of carvers have got together (e-mail) (phone), and discused a carving pattern idea, then each person carves a portion of the decided carving and mails it to the next person etc....etc.... then at the end, a drawing is done and a winner is sent the carving. or raffled off for charities etc.

    idea met pattern drawn.
    carver 1 cuts out the pattern
    carver 2 roughs out
    carver 3 torso
    carver 4 arms
    carver 5 hands

    etc.... you get the idea

    my question is: is this an idea anyone would like to do or be up for.
    each carver would be responsible for shipping it to the next person. i think if done right you could get a carving which was carved all over the US or further? JUST A THOUGHT AT THIS POINT

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    Re: free carvings!!!!

    At first glance it seems like a good idea, a collective project involving carvers from widely separated areas. But there are possibly many problems. As suggested, each carver would be assigned one phase of the project. What if the person assigned is not good at roughout or faces or detail? What if subsequent carvers remove all of the work of prior carvers? Carving is a "subtractive art," meaning material is removed to create the work, so it follows that prior material (carving) gets removed. Whose work is left?


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      Re: free carvings!!!!

      That is a good point but that's where the discussion and planning work in. you work to people's deal level and send it to the appropriate places first and then whoever's better detailing painting etc. will finished carving. I have thought of that as well it's a valid point Each Carver would have to understand they cannot remove work of others etc.