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101 reasons why..

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  • Kenny_S
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    To use as a guard!!!!!!! Against the little bride's club!

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  • papasar
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    A well carved walking stick attracts attention and is a good way to get a conversation going. It gives you a chance to promote wood carving and you might make a new friend.
    Bill K.

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  • Goody
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    A token of freindship when given to another.

    A symbol of welcome when kept at the entrance of a home.

    To guide Santa on his Journey

    My favorite
    Relieve the stress of my ache-ing Knees.

    Wheres Ashby when we need him?
    Ash Gave me a walking stick after one of my knee surgurys with this explination:
    The top of the cane is the wizard looking to guide you to where you are going and opening the path to removed the shadows which might darken your spirit.
    The Dragon is the protector and the defender, the friend to guard your back and help when you need him.
    The last spirit is turned to the left, he is the spirit of the cane, he watches you and guards the dragon .
    Two friends each to guard the path of the other.

    This stick gets daily use and has brought relief and joy into my life.
    Wood Carving can change your Life, is has mine!

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  • MelNM
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    Don't forget back scratcher.
    Itchy Mel

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  • Dylan
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    #7 is my favorite.

    Now lets see you could use a walkingstick to,

    clear spiderwebs out of your way,

    vault over a stream or ditch


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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    To lean your chin on while taking a short break while back packing.

    To support your pack when you take it off.

    To record your "escapades" on. (woodburn places and dates

    For support while crossing a creek on a log.

    Added support while descending steep trails.

    Used as a "reach pole" to assist another hiker. (creek crossing, steep grade, slipped and fell etc.)

    Can be equipped with an integral compass or emergency kit.

    Marci, when you get this compiled, please post it......I'm sure there are others of us who can utilize it......great idea!


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  • ElWoodTroll
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    Fer stirring up....................buffaloe chips
    Stok'n the fire
    pull'n city slickers outta the quick sand
    and if your real tight with god....some really cool mystical stuff
    changing rod into snake
    turn rivers red
    get water from rocks

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  • Kenny_S
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    Support for long hill climbs, or long walks.!

    Can be used between two hikers to carry backpacks or supplies.

    While resting from a hike,carve on it.

    Used as a tent pole.

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  • Ron Davidson
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    1. How about to attempt to put a knot on the head of a dog barking and growling at you and you can't see him.
    2. How about that curb or giant crack in the sidewalk you can't see.
    3. Or maybe to find when you are at the bottom or top of the stairway.

    I could go on and on about what I use one for everyday and believe me I'm lost without it.

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  • Hi_Ho_Sliver
    Re: 101 reasons why..

    9. to swat the local charging mean dog !
    10. " " " " " " cat!
    11. " " " " " " neighbor!
    12. " " " " " " gerbel!
    13. " " " " " " parakeet!
    14. " " " " " " kid

    and I hope you meant "herd" the pig,not heard the pig lol

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  • Marci MN
    started a topic 101 reasons why..

    101 reasons why.. own a Walking Stick.

    I thought it would be fun to make a little booklet to have on our sales tables for folks to look at. The booklet will be all sorts of reasons on why a walking stick is a MUST have. Gotta get them to think they need to have one.

    I'm posting here, to share with everyone. You can make a booklet too if you wish.

    I'm no where near 101 reasons.. thats where you come in if your willing to share thoughts and ideas on WHY a person should have a walking stick.

    Just be very detailed on the use of one. For instance:

    1. To check the depth of a creek before crossing.

    2. To check the depth of snow as your walking through it.

    3. To heard an errant pig back into its pen.

    4. To help Bessie the milk cow to hurry it up getting to the barn.

    5. To flick snakes out of the walking path.

    6. To lift the irrate laying hen off her nest to get to the eggs.

    7. To give the cranky rooster an attitude adjustment.

    8. To swat the wasp nest out of the peeks of the porch.

    Think of all sorts of areas.. even in the house where a walking stick would come in handy.

    Lets see how many reason we all can come up with.

    Just keep it clean.