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  • Nancy-ID
    Re: Newbie Feeling Bluebie

    Jill, sorry to hear you are having that pain. Try not to give into it, even though it hurts the exercise/movement helps RA. Bet yours kicked in during one of your pregnancys or shortly after giving birth? My mother got RA severly during her pregnancy with me at 32. Being an autoimmune disease, stress can kick it into gear. I was pretty smug about thinking I had escaped it until old age hit (meno), now I too have it. The last few months I have been having constant chest and rib pain, movement and touch causes the pain. Turns out, I was told, I have Costochondritis. Another autoimmune thing. It is an inflamation of the cartilage of the sternum and ribs. No treatment. Oh, joy. Like I need more pains Keep your chin up and keep on plugging. Don't let it get the better of you.

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  • jillsy
    started a topic Newbie Feeling Bluebie

    Newbie Feeling Bluebie

    My right wrist has been causing alot of pain the past few days, even things as simple as typiing, tying a shoe, or holding my baby has been a new experience in pain! But after rereading the "Carving with a Disability" thread, I'm not feeling so alone with it. Thanks to all who responded with their encouraging words and own personal stories. It's helped more than you know.