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    Hey WCI forum! I am so glad to finally be able to get back here! It has been a long time since I cold log on, but at the same time it has been almost impossible to carve either, so really without much to talk about wood wise, I guess not being able to get on was ok. I guess.

    We have had a lot of sadness in our lives the last few months. We moved away from our home town 2 years ago, but still very very connected. There was a double murder there ,at the home of our local doctor. She is my friend, her son and husband were murdered by a close friend of my kids who actually was a foster kid in their home. I jumped right into helping mode and put on a huge community benefit. The whole thing left my family a mess. We loved everyone involved. So hard to watch a friend hurt someone. Washing our hands of him left us all a little tarnished.

    As if that was not enough, while planning the benefit, my father in law died. He was more of a dad to me than my own for a long time. The grandfather to my boys, my husbands beloved father. Everything. Gone.
    The fact that we moved 3 hours away and cannot be there everyday kills me. I have a thought that gets me through and that\'s Blackberries. When my dad was pretty much non communicative , I went for a walk in the cool morning with my husband, walking all over his childhood home, the home we had lived and raised our babies at, and as we talked I picked a handful of blackberries. My husband asked if they were for the kids, I said no, they are for your dad. I\'m going to mash them up for him.
    He had not been able to eat and I walked over to him and said Hey Grandpa, I picked you some Blackberries, he said You did?! his voice was crisp, and strong and sounded exactly like it always did when I picked him berries. And that was the last thing we said to each other.
    He was a huge supporter of me and my work. He would drag me home logs and branches, saveme bundles of little twigs, you name it, he loved it. The more far out the better. He built me my shop, poured the slab with me and we traced our hands in it with my kids. He taught me how to weld. He encouraged everything.
    It has been a long few months and I feel the grieving for our friends and family has not ended at all, only redefined itself as everyday occurrences.
    I was able to get out and finish some late projects this past couple weeks and I am so relieved. Having that weighing on my mind was torture.
    The original therapeutic feeling I get when carving was in full force this week. I felt my old self, I felt inspired and I felt no need for the lacklustre and tedious use of patterns. I sketched everything directly onto boards and got to work.
    I am really happy to be back in contact with you and back carving. Life is what happens when you\'re making other plans. For real.
    Back from Zombie land, back to carving, back to life.
    Looking forward to seeing all the awesome work that I have missed!

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    Re: been away

    Welcome back, Keoma. If you have questions about how the site works or need some work-arounds for problems you encounter, give me a yell.

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      Re: been away

      Sorry to hear the reasons for your absence keoma, but happy to see you back carving and posting. Life can be cruel, but we must take what comes and move on. You haven,t missed much here on the forum as things have really slowed down since the new version installed, but hopefully everything will soon be back to normal and we can all get back to doing what we love........CARVING !
      If you're looking for me, you'll find me in a pile of wood chips somewhere...


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        Re: been away

        So glad to see you Keoma. You have a healing spirit, so all will be okay. In addition, your art can lift too. Lets see what you\'re doing.

        Tom H


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          Re: been away

          Keoma, I just hope the chips help fill the hole in your heart. It was a devastating loss for you, all of our kindness though for you. . .JoeB
          . . .JoeB


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            Re: been away

            Such dark times. It is good to read that you have come back up to the surface to breathe. Carving is good focus. Welcome back.
            Brian T


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              Re: been away

              Welcome back Keoma! You certainly have had your share of sorrow lately. I hope your future is much brighter.


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                Re: been away

                It is good to have you back Keoma,


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                  Re: been away

                  I\'m sorry to read of your troubles, Keoma. Losing loved ones is never easy. I pray that you will find some comfort through your art. It is good to have you back on and posting again.
                  Hazel Strickland
                  AKA Dixie Whittler