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Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

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  • Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

    So how many of you are going to the Dayton Artistry in Wood Show this year? I myself am going to be there on Saturday. I have not been to the show for a few years and I am really looking forward to it.

    So my question is this. What is it that brings you to this show? Is it the vendors? (God knows there is a bunch of wonderful vendors) Is it the level of carvings that are on display that really get the carving juices going? Is it the camaraderie with the fellow carvers? Is it the ability to speak with the big names of carving and get pointers? Is it the demonstrations? Is it the carve-off that exhibitors compete in that you are able to watch as the carvers create beautiful ornaments right before your eyes? I would like to hear what brings everyone to such a wonderful put together show. (My hat is off to the Dayton carvers club that puts on this show and the time thier members put in on such a spectacular show)

    I know for me it is all the above. I hope you are able to come and hope to see some of you there.

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    Re: Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

    I will be there both days. I have found that it takes both days to see everything and talk to all the people you end up seeing.It is about 6 hours from me so I drive down on Friday and stay a couple nights.I have in the past visited the Warther Museum on my way down. I might do that again this year. If you get a chance to see it, you should.

    I am always amazed by the work that is presented at the AIW.
    I am inspired by it, but then sometimes I look at it and wonder why I am even trying!
    I enjoy all of the demos and seeing the major leaguers that are there. They are all as helpful as anybody could ask for. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and get ideas. I always find something new and different to see.
    It is pretty easy to spend a lot of time (and money) at the vendors booths. If you need it or think you might, you can find it there.
    It is also supporting a really good cause!
    It would be nice to meet some of the folks from the forum and put a face to the name!

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      Re: Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

      I\'ll be there with a couple of tables. Stop by and say Hi! I\'ll have a large Noah\'s ark with animals on display. You find that, you\'ve found me. I hope to see some Forum folks....

      Tom H


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        Re: Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

        I\'ll be there again. I should be in aisle 4 next to Rick Jenson unless they move me. Come say hello! Mike


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          Re: Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

          Looking forward to going on Saturday, especially since this is my first time being there. Seeing all the wonderful stuff on display is the big attraction for me. My wife wants some Santas since I can\'t manage to carve any good ones yet, she should find it hard to choose just a couple from what I have seen in past events.
          I better pay the bills before we go!!!
          James Richards


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            Re: Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

            See you Saturday. As soon as I can get in the door I\'m heading for Your booth, Tom!


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              Re: Dayton Artistry in Wood Show 2015

              Tom, I really love the thumb guard you gave me, thank you! Bring a couple next year and I\'ll buy them...unless you feel like popping them in the mail!

              How do the vendors think the show went? Hope they cooled the place down by Sunday.