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  • carving but....

    As many people noticed I have not been seen any six commission work which is awesome. Plus doing three 7\' by 5\' paintings for a church.... but i fell and did the no no that is to catch myself with my hands...resulted in a shatter thumb. Do to severe arthritis in the thumb and past surgery I choose not to under go massive surgery.... I have no idea if it will heal? It is one of those **** if you do and **** if don\'t things. As an artist lost of thumb is thumb is braced and protected and I am learning how to live without..... as you will hear tons of muttering under my breath as I continue down the road of wood carving .... with the blessing it could of been worst, could been a body cast. So while I having this pity party .. I hope your coming summer will produce great wood chips.
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    Re: carving but....

    I\'m sorry to hear of your accident. I\'ll be praying for a speedy recovery.
    Bill K.
    Every day should be unwrapped like a precious gift.


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      Re: carving but....

      So sorry to hear about your thumb . Having read for posts for some time now, I believe that you will attack the opportunity head on & if that does not work, you will pull the old crab move to get around it.. Just keep your doober up , or should I say thumb.
      . . . JoeB
      . . .JoeB


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        Re: carving but....

        That\'s terrible! So sorry to hear that...I hope you heal well soon.
        Keep On Carvin'
        Bob K.

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          Re: carving but....

          Hang in there, Di - get well soon!

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            Re: carving but....

            Speedy recovery.