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    I still do some large format (4x5) B&W analog photography, prints to 16x20. Wood carving is a very winter-oriented activity.
    Don`t know why but my summer grape vine-growing thing seems to take a lot of outdoor time. Pickers coming, end of Sept.
    I like bird hunting, need to spend a few more days fishing.
    Brian T


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      I spent most of my time outdoors resulting in my physician saying, "Your lifestyle has worn most of your joints out!" Can't complain though ─ being paid to spend three decades in the parks camping, hiking, swimming, climbing, boating, snow shoeing; and I still have the memories. Did get a bit upset when they installed a pace maker and told me no more chain sawing (electromagnetic field can interfere with the things programming). I loved cutting our firewood. Then had a stroke and Diana worried about me wandering through the woods. That was solved when she put an App on our phones that she describes as "Where in the hell is Paul?" If I decide to take a nap, I have to call in. Otherwise the dot will stay still too long and she will have the search parties out.

      So, besides my woodcarving addiction I started my adult life as a librarian and have never lost my enthusiasm for reading and following the lead of many Cajuns ─ I love to cook. And eat! Years ago Diana told me, "I don't see how you can make a simple dish and use every pot, boiler and utensil in the kitchen. Still, it's worth cleaning up after you to enjoy the things you cook." My favorite TV show is "Bizarre Foods" with Andrew Zimmern. As he visits various parts of the world and shows unusual foods, Diana used to say, "You would eat that wouldn't you?" Now, I just occasionally hear, "Not in my house you don't!"

      Life has slowed down but it **** sure hasn't stopped.


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        a.jpg What else do I do .... I dabble in acrylic paint. I find it help with painting of birds and so on. Colors are always hard for me to figure out.
        ~ Dwight
        "Hello, I am the Friggin' Happiness Fairy and I just sprinkled happy dust on you, so smile damit' this crap is expensive."


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          I retired 10 years ago and since that time, I have taken to writing books, mainly family histories. I started with my father's family who were pioneers in Eastern Ontario after the Napoleonic Wars circa 1815, so that book was a chronicle of the Fraser family for over 200 years. My mother's family were urban dwellers, so her story is a chatty account of the recollections of my siblings and cousins, coupled with genealogical research to flesh out the details we didn't know.

          Carving was something I came to later (about 4 years ago) and it also helps to pass the time. All in all, retirement has been one of the best decades of my life. I whittle "little guys" and I tried to post a picture of same on this forum. Pity, it didn't work, so that will have to come later.
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