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  • I Love This Site!

    I have been so busy since buying our place in Tennessee that I don't remember when I last picked up a carving tool...but every day I make time to check and see what all my Friends on the WCI Forum have to say and what they're carving, wouldn't miss it for anything! Sometimes I check several times a day.
    They say they're starting my barn/woodcarving shop Saturday. When that's done, I'm carving!
    The truth is, if you're consumed with it everything else can wait! I'll be there soon.

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    Re: I Love This Site!

    Dang wade,

    sounds like you need to take a block and sit uder a tree for a while.
    But I am glad we can help you get through .



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      Re: I Love This Site!

      That's the nice thing about carving. You can set it down and return when ever your plate is clean and you have the time to dedicate to it. It is always waiting for you.

      Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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        Re: I Love This Site!

        Like Wade, I too really enjoy checking in on this forum several times a day. I've got other forums on my favorites list but always seem to come to this one for the most valued content.

        One thing that I would like to see is more critical commentary. When someone posts a photo of a new piece he or she is working on and asks for comments on how to improve it almost all the associated replies are along the lines of...It's Great!.....Wonderful!....Don't change a thing!....Wow! While these types of comments are nice to receive, if you're looking for a comment that might help you improve your project they're of no use to you. Anytime someone points out a better way for me to improve a piece I really appreciate that sort of criticism no matter where it comes from. People say I'm a fairly good carver, maybe so, but I'm not THAT good! If you see something you don't like or think should be improved on please, TELL ME! I want to hear it! I NEED to hear it!


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          Re: I Love This Site!

          I too check in here during my day several times.
          The 10 most valuable things to me from this board are:
          1. bench hook.....don't know how I carved without it.
          2. sharpening tips that were clarified through discussions more than any book
          3. when I do post a picture (or someone else does for that matter) the suggestions given for improvement or variation may apply to something even if it's not a piece I'm working on right then.
          4. the wide variety of styles from all of the carvers
          5. step-by-step pictures.....tutorials
          6. links to web sites of carvers that I've never found
          7. watching other carvers improve so drastically over short periods of time
          8. books suggested
          9. links to shows and classes
          10. support from strangers who have become friends



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            Re: I Love This Site!

            Sometimes that is like the student telling the Teacher how to teach!


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              Re: I Love This Site!

              i check here often also, some of you folks have become almost like family. i like to see other folks work as well.



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                Re: I Love This Site!

                Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees...and an unbiased fresh look will sometimes point out exactly whats wrong.. I was doing a painting of a pueblo, with a curved wall with sunshine on it, it didn't look right no matter what I did to it, wasn't curved! so I quit, let it sit on the easel for about 3/4 days. One day I walked by and looked at it and saw exactly what it needed. Other times however it takes someone else to say..hummm whats that, or had you thought of maybe changing so and so and Idea the lights come on. Face it, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it
                "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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                  Re: I Love This Site!

                  Good comments Lynn, for me there seems to be a tendency for "some" forum members to hand out praise no matter what is actually seen in the pictures, which to me is hard to understand because some photo's are just too poorly taken and too dark to really show anything, I've even downloaded them and tried to enhance them to see if I'm missing what some other posters see.
                  Now maybe they are just trying to give the carver a boost in confidence , that's ok too, and they should be complimented on trying to give positive feedback and encouragement, but it does seem to go overboard sometimes.
                  Maybe that's why I don't bother saying too much here anymore, heck maybe I've said too much already.Smile
                  My comments are my own, if "some" here take offence well it's just my attempt at constructive criticism and no offence, no flame nor any malice is meant.




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                    Re: I Love This Site!

                    i too am in agreeance with lynn and old gord, about prase...
                    I have praised begainer carvers for their efforts more than their talent,
                    i guess the thought was if you tell someone what you actualy think you detur some folks, or they might get an openion that your too snootie for them to impress you,,,

                    i come here daily several times to look at what others are doing, of late i been fighting medications that keep me dizzy and confused beside the computer got baked in a storm,
                    but i love others openions on my efforts, but i respect their comments,on my abilitys if i carved a stinker i wanna know...
                    dont tell me its nice becuse you feel my feelings will be hurt... heck if i took everything to heart ill be danged if i would partisipate where i wasent comfortable.

                    i do love to add usefull advise, or even a way i discovered a method could be done, without buying a lot of one use tools.
                    maybe i get on the blabbery side, i just hope im not in the way....

                    yes we should keep comments on track when rating begainers carvings but offer a way out for them to improve...


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                      Re: I Love This Site!

                      I spend a few hours every day reading new posts and then searching and reading the old ones. I figure I will have read everything on this site and be caught up in another week or so . Great Site . Best I have had the priviledge to be a part of. Thanks Hugh for pointing me here!


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                        Re: I Love This Site!

                        I think what type of feedback you get to your postings depends very much on how you word the original post.

                        If you are posting "Hey, I just finished this carving" my tendency is to look at the piece, find the strongest areas and praise that part of the carving. That type of wording is not an invitation to critic the work, it's a show and tell type posting and implies that the member wants (and probably deserves) some pats on the back for their latest effort.

                        If you are posting "Hey, I have gotten this far and want feedback, ideas or suggestions" then you are inviting others to add their ideas on what will make the carving better. An excellent example is the post about the Female Face that is going on right now. It was very clear that Patrick wanted input and feedback.

                        I am one that tends toward "catching someone doing something right!" if its a show and tell type posting. So, for me, if you want something more toward a critic or how do I make this better then please let everyone know by saying that in your original post.


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                          Re: I Love This Site!

                          I try to gauge the response sought in the writers initial post. I try to encourage beginners, as many of you do, as I also seek encouragement when I seem to need it. Beginner or veteran, we all need encouragement from time to time.

                          When I'm comfortable a new carver is actually seeking pointers to improve, I try to offer them, when I know something that might be helpful. There are some areas of carving that I have no knowledge, so I try to keep my mouth shut.

                          I have great respect for many aboard here for their skill in their special areas of expertize, enthusiasm for the art and willingness to share with others. I have learned to respect their opinions.

                          Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                            Re: I Love This Site!

                            I'll confess. I tend to be the pat-on-the-back atta-boy/gal sort as well.

                            I dislike criticizing anything anybody else did since I know my own efforts are not always all that great.

                            So. The next time I look at somebody's work, I'll try to criticize it in a helpful manner.