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  • Door Bell rang

    when I open the door, there stood the UPS man, on the 4th of July, holding a box. Yep the 4th of July and the UPS man was delievering.
    BoBD sent me the Project II carving. I know he had some professional photos taken and that with his busy schedule and it took a while to get a photo shoot set up.
    However, the wait was worth it and I can tell you now, the photos will not do it justice. No offense to the photographer.
    It is one fantastic carving and now I can offically thank some great carvers fro participating in this project.
    I want to personally thank Rick Ferry for his insight and cutting this project out, keeping track of where it was at, painting it, and for assembling it, his lovely wife for drawing my name out, and for the following carvers who was excite as much as I was for the opportunity and Honor to carve on the project:
    BobD, Bob Duncan - PA
    Kenny_S, Kenneth Sanders - KS
    Wood-Whittler, Bart Wilson – GA
    Bob_in_TN, Robert Weaver – TN
    Dryheat, Ed Sims - AZ
    Bob's Birds, Bob Jenkins – ON
    Greyhair, Don Bundy - CA
    Rocket39, Tony Filetti - NY
    Vacaricature carver,Blake Lunsford - VA
    Mitchell. Mitchell Cartledge - NC

    BTW BobD, Yo done great on the packing, the project arrive intact.

    I haven't decide on where it will end up, will I be selfish and keep it or auction it off for charity. One thing for sure, I never had something this great and mean so much to me. Just think, all the carvers all over North America, carving a little or a lot and sending it on and have it come out looking great. Really neat.

    Thank you all for your part in a great Carving.

    Not glad the little bride hurt her knee but glad we were home.

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    Re: Door Bell rang

    Don't know about you, but I don't consider myself "lucky". I'm more fortunate than anything. Unless you have a particular charity in mind that you're devoted to........I'd keep it. It's truly a one of a kind and something that you are a part of. Don't recall how many grandkids you have but I know you have a granddaughter. Give it to her when she's old enough to appreciate it or someone in the family that will pass it on.

    None of my business, just the way I feel.

    BTW, congratulations on the win!!!


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      Re: Door Bell rang

      I don't think keeping it is selfish, it is done by a number of your confederates here, who would it mean more to, you or some stranger? imho
      "Lif iz lik a box "o" choc lets, ya nevr kno whut yull git!"


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        Re: Door Bell rang

        Garon and Dave, I agree, this piece does mean a lot to me in more ways than one.
        The more I look at it, the more I see each person carving on it even tho I have not met them.

        Had the family over yesterday evening for food, home made Tuitty fruitty Ice cream an fnight works and they all were admiring the Trygg look alike carving. They were amazed at how many different carvers carved on it, the distance it traveled, the paint job, aaand the thoughtfullness of coming up with it. \
        I have it displayed on the middle shelf of our cabinet in the living room. When we turn on the lights, it kind of spotlights the piece.
        Trying to figure out how I can get everyones name on a tag and attach it to the carving. What I would like to do is have the names so people could see them but Maybe it would be to big of a tag. Will think some more on that end of it.
        One thing is for sure, a glass encloser for it.
        Yep, I will be selfish and keep it. Enjoying it.

        A mind is had to waste, but then, you have to have a mind to waste!


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          Re: Door Bell rang

          Ok, lets see if this one is a better shot:
          This is the project II completed and now living in my house.