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Fall in the Ozarks

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  • Fall in the Ozarks

    We are having a wonderful color season here in the Ozarks. Hope all of your areas are equally great this year.

    I took these photos from the front porches here on the ranch and thought I would share them.

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    Re: Fall in the Ozarks

    Beautiful photos Paul.

    It's that Global Warming thing again. Not only did I almost freeze this morning feeding the horses when it's 19 degrees outside, the trees are prettier than I've ever seen before. Whats the world coming to?


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      Re: Fall in the Ozarks

      Been really great here this year , but the wind has really stripped the trees in a hurry. The maples are holding on , but dropping quickly.

      Beautiful place Paul. Must be really hard to sit on that porch .


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        Re: Fall in the Ozarks

        Beautiful pictures Paul,
        Is that from your new porch or the old one?
        We haven't seen ANY pictures of the work in progress going on at the new house yet, or the carving that you mentioned doing for the interior.


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          Re: Fall in the Ozarks

          Thor, the photos are from both porches. The one in the middle was taken from the porch of the house where we now live. The other two are from the porch of the house we are building. It is a couple of hundred feet up the side of the mountain from the current place.

          It appears that we will be able to move into the new house in about a month. Then we intend to turn the current place into a guest house. So any of you that are traveling through the Ozarks are welcome to stop, visit, carve or just enjoy the view.

          I've got to admit that it is hard to sit on the porch and remember to keep carving. There is always something to look at out there.

          Maybe I better concentrate on the inside carving. But the carving on the beams will have to wait until the house is finished. I did receive the carving pieces (16 - 48"x10"x1") for a total of 64 feet of relief carving space. My friend, Steve DiGiacomo, has offered to assist me with the carvings, if I will take them down off the beam for the carving sessions.


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            Re: Fall in the Ozarks

            Looks a lot like Northern Virginia, Paul - really nice! Those reds are great! Here's a couple of photos from the front door of our townhouse. My wife and I really like the fall colors!

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              Re: Fall in the Ozarks

              Our leaves have turned and fallen, the view from my porch this morning was white with heavy frost. Should have grabbed the camera, but tomorrow's another day, so we'll see.

              Beautiful pictures and scene Paul. Thanks for sharing.

              Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                Re: Fall in the Ozarks

                Paul and Claude:
                What a site that must be,since moving to Sout Carolina 11 years ago unless we go to the mountains of NC we don't see any leaves.Their is mostly pines down here,very few hardwoods.
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                  Re: Fall in the Ozarks

                  Nice pictures, I too like the red leaves, we been having a warm spell here, we had hardly run the furnace (once so far)