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Cotton wood find

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  • Cotton wood find

    Was taking the dog home from the vet and decided to take the back road to on a whim. Came up to the bridge and had to slam on the brakes, there standing proud a tall, cotton wood.
    Got out and ran back to make sure i wasn't seeing things and sure enough it was the real thing.
    Gathered up some small peices and headed home, grabed wolfprince and headed back out. We ended up gathering 10 pounds or so, some of the trees were reluctante to give up it's bark even though that part was dead.
    All said and done, wolfprince and i are going to have some fun.

    Michael Gray

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    Re: Cotton wood find

    Ah the first find of cottonwood bark. remember it well. But then, after a couple years, I am more selective on the bark, Half of the first pick up load was burned in the end. Just wasn't good for carving. Smelly, punky, and just plain smelly like dogs had wet on it. And my have but it would have to had been a couple of packs of dogs. Funny, Didn't smell when I picked it up. Hmmmm. Maybe because of being the first time.
    This last load better bark and was selective.