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  • Lunch

    I was driving around rather late last night - or early this morning, whichever you way you want to look at it. About 2:am, anyway.

    There's a steel decked bridge that runs over a river with woods and campgrounds - now closed - to either side of it. These woods run for miles along the river, all the way up to the river's source.

    Anyway, I've just crossed this bridge when I see a handsome dog standing in the middle of the roadway. Of course, I slow right down, blip the horn to get doggy to move, but he won't go.
    So I drive up closer and closer. Silly mutt isn't even looking at me, staring real hard off to one side.

    Well, no traffic at that time of day, so I stop and start looking around. Maybe the little doggy has been 'running' a deer with some buddies. But, nope. Whatever the mutt is looking at, I can't see it, and whatever it was, must have moved off because when I look at the mutt once more, he is now looking at me.

    What a handsome shepherd/husky/samoyed cross! Such a gorgeously ruffed and bushy tail, held so high and proud. Such huge paws, he must have some Clysedale in him as well.

    Well, I just couldn't resist. I crank the window down, lean out and start patting the side of the car. Whistling and calling to him, I try to encourage him to come closer. I'd love to give him a scritch and maybe a friendly tug on the truly awesome bush of a tail.

    That's when my subconscious started yelling at me. Really bushy tail, huge oversize paws, and now he is staring me right. in. the. face.


    About this time, the little doggy lifts his upper lip to show me his teeth, and the expression on his face so clearly says "Whattaya want, lunch."

    Needless to say, I quietly, but quickly, stopped annoying Mr. Wolf and drove away.

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    Re: Lunch

    *gulp* "Please d


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      Re: Lunch

      *gulp* "Please dont feed the wolves"


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        Re: Lunch


        NO PICS !

        SLACKER !


        glad you didn't get up the courage to check his tag !



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          Re: Lunch

          At least you didn't say you were on the way to grandma's house. I think if he did bite you all he would get was wood chip's.


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            Re: Lunch

            My heart skipped a beat on that one!



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              Re: Lunch

              Should have stuck your arm out for a lick....or taste......all in the way you look at it!!! Lunch is right!!! And you're on the menu!

              Just kidding, he/she probably wouldn't bother you, except to protect itself or the pack. Chase you off, yes, but wolf attacks are very rare.....unless you're a deer. But with those teeth grinning at you, better safe than sorry. Somebody get this lad a camera....he see's all these things but we never see pics.......maybe he's been tippling?Smile

              Before they slip me over the standing part of the fore sheet, let them pipe: "Up Spirits" one more time.


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                Re: Lunch

                ..what no Scooby treats Whitecree??

                Yowza, has your adrenalin stopped running yet? Thats truly amazing...
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                  Re: Lunch

                  Originally posted by squbrigg
                  Somebody get this lad a camera....he see's all these things but we never see picsSmile
                  Story of my life. When I carry a camera, it acts like an animal repellant and I never see anything.